The Sonnen Resort All-Inclusive ¾-conoisseur board

The best in dining pleasure contributes to our quality of life!

The best in dining pleasure is part of the quality of life in our gourmet hotel in South Tyrol. This is why we use only the freshest ingredients and carefully selected local produce which is then transformed by our kitchen team under head chef Reinhard Platzgummer into the finest of creations.

Something that distinguishes the Sonnen Resort is its excellent cuisine, a crossover between South Tyrolean, Italian, and international cuisine. From early in the morning until late at night, enjoy the excellent award-winning Sonnen Resort throughout the day.

Gourmet hotel south tyrol
South Tyrolean specialties
Fresh ingredients at gourmet hotel Sonnenhof
Dessert - Gourmet hotel South Tyrol
Gourmet hotel South Tyrol
Gourmet hotel Naturns
Gourmet hotel South Tyrol

The Sonnen Resort all-inclusive ¾-conoisseur board offers you more taste and more pleasure, served with a southern flair, always with a smile in a fabulous ambience inside, or outside on the romantic Tuscany Terrace.

A pleasure for all the senses

Rooms in the Gourmet Hotel
Gourmet Rooms
Vinotheque in the Gourmet Hotel

Appetite for life's:culinary highlights in elegant ambience

Gourmet Restaurants

New each day! The various dining rooms and restaurants are decorated daily to match the appropriate theme, thus giving you an experience of the interior in a new light, rich in character, creative, interesting, and as diverse as life itself.

#Your Sonnen Resort-Plus
Free self service drinks fountain at the buffet, with soft drinks, apple juice and mineral water available throughout the day.

Tuscany Terrace

On the sheltered romantic Tuscany Terrace, surrounded by olive and lemon trees enjoy views of the garden paradise and from the Panoramic Sun Terrace views of the imposing mountains of South Tyrol...

What more could you ask for than enjoying breakfast and dinner whilst marvelling at stunning views! The Tuscany Terrace is open from May to October, giving you the pleasure of being able to take your meals in the open air.

Interior - Wine and Dining Pleasure
Interior - Wine and Dining Pleasure
Wine and Dining Pleasure in the Hotel Sonnenhof
Wine and Dining Pleasure South Tyrol
Wine and Dining Pleasure in Naturns
Wellness & Gourmet holiday with wine and dining pleasure
Wine and Dining Pleasure