On the sunny side in the Sonnen Resort!

Only the best for our guests, and in harmony with nature.

The Spa & Family Sonnen Resort stands on the southern side of the main Alpine ridge, where we enjoy an enviable 315 days of sunshine a year (the amount of precipitation is comparable with Sicily!). Therefore, it is important to us that we utilise this energy from the sun actively in our striving for optimum energy efficiency. Since 2008, hot water in the rooms and in the indoor pool at the Sonnen Resort has been heated almost entirely by solar energy. All taps are equipped with flow limiters, and the toilets are fitted with flush stops.

The wonderful natural and cultural landscape around us is our most valuable asset and must be preserved for future generations to enjoy. Two bizarrely contrasting sides of the mountain, in the middle of the largest nature park in South Tyrol (Naturpark Texelgruppe 33.000 ha), wonderful for hiking, beautiful clean air (Naturns climatic spa resort) and water springs that deliver top quality drinking water directly to our taps.

Water as if fresh from a spring

In the Sonnen Resort, we have healthy “Grander” water. This water is of high quality both in its origin and biologically. Grander water is energised by a natural process devised by Johann Grander, and right from its origin has all the requirements that make it pure, high-quality, bacterialogically perfect drinking water.

Sustainable travel - wellness hotel Sonnenhof
Environmentally conscious hotel Sonnenhof South Tyrol
Unique Sonnen Resort comfort

Available for guests to use at any time and free of charge are well-maintained city bikes, mountain bikes, and children’s bikes (helmets and bike trailers too). Also available to use free of charge is an environmentally-friendly golf cart for fun exploration outings through Naturns and its surroundings.


Rubbish separation: the municipality of Naturns can boast being leaders in separating their rubbish. As early as 1985, organic waste was separated from other waste in a pilot project. We now separate our waste into compostable organic waste, paper, glass, cardboard, tin, aluminium, plastic, special waste, bulky waste, etc.

EU-prizewinner: Naturns is one of 5 places in Italy that have been awarded the “European grand prize for tourism and environment”.

The rooms and suites in the Sonnen Resort are all equipped with a Key-Card-electricity saving system. Should a guest forget to turn off the lights, TV, or other appliances in their room when they leave it, these are automatically switched off when the key card is removed from its holder. Where possible, energy-saving light bulbs are used.

Much of the hotel is equipped with motion sensors that activate the various lighting systems only when they are required.

The Sonnen Resort – Economical and environmentally friendly

Washing powders and cleaning agents are damaging to our environment and its waters. As there is something of a water shortage in Naturns during the summer months, we also endeavour to take an approach that preserves the environment in this area too. We are happy to change your towels each day if you wish, but we have a simple system by which guests can also contribute to being environmentally friendly and saving water; towels hung on the rail mean “these are still being used”, whilst towels on the floor indicate “please change”.

The whole heating system is run in such a way that heating of individual rooms can be regulated. In other words, guests can adjust the temperature in their rooms to suit themselves.

We were awarded the “Tyrol-South Tyrol environmental seal of approval” in the 1990s, and even though the Tyrol-South Tyrol environmental seal of approval in this form has not been around for a while now, we have continued to stick to the regulations and demands of its environmental measures:

Of course, we don’t use small packaging, and use only recyclable packaging. We also make use of the resources naturally available to us, which means that we produce our own home-made jams, purées, juices, etc.

Alpine herbs and Italian sophistication

Healthy, high-quality food is part of our philosophy of life. Our award-winning cuisine baces itself on the best quality of ingredients and freshly harvested produce, grown by local farmers and delivered directly by them. Any other deliveries we receive have a maximum of 13 km drive behind them.

Alpine lifestyle really comes to the fore in our “Zirben-Stuben” pine dining rooms with ceiling and wall wood panelling, creating a friendly, cosy atmosphere.

We obtain our wines predominantly from South Tyrol and Italy. It goes without saying that our guests also enjoy wines from both of our Naturns vineyards (Unterortl/Juval), and Falkenstein, specialists in Blauburgunder and Riesling (3 glasses) wines when dining at the Gourmet Dinner, and with other meals as well of course.

100% mobile

On the whole, our guests only make use of their car for arrival and departure. There is a convenient bus service (bus stop about 3 min from the hotel) and railway service (about 10 min away) that take you into the Vinschgau district in a very short time and to the cities of Merano and Bolzano. Cheap week passes for the buses, or for the trains and buses make the option of using public transport an attractive one.

There is also an extra bus to Naturns and its neighbouring municipalities for guests (leaving from the tourist offices and the local council offices), giving our guests even more car-free comfort.