Give the Gift of Joy!

For people who are dear to you

Would you like to treat friends or loved ones on their holiday? Ask us about our Wellness Gift Vouchers. Surprise them with a super holiday, a romantic weekend or a tailor-made beauty arrangement!

If you have any questions about our vouchers, require advice, or wish us to make and send you a voucher, then please use our hotline: +39 0473 667250. Or, alternatively send an e-mail to . We look forward to being of help. 

Voucher validity: 
Our vouchers are valid for 1 year from the date of issue, the date that appears on the voucher itself. An extension of this date is not possible, neither is an exchange for cash or transfer to someone else in the case of vouchers for a named person. Gift vouchers have no expiry date.

On receipt of payment for the purchase of a voucher to our account, we will immediately post the voucher to you.

Our bank details: 

  • Raiffeisenkasse Naturns (Italy) 
  • Hotel Sonnenhof 
  • IBAN: IT 18 Z 08157 58630 000300211648 

We will also happily accept credit card payment. If you wish to use this method, please let us know your credit card details so that we can charge the appropriate amount to your card.