Naturns & Merano Region

Excursion Tips from this Wonderful Region


No risk, lots of fun. With experienced boat guides and the most modern top equipment, take to the water for a great adventure on the Adige river.

Rafting in Naturns

Glacier Adventure

Ski in the sunshine on the Schnalstal Glacier, experience ice caves with piste tractors or hike to the home of Ötzi the ice man. The endless ice will enchant you with new ideas!

Schnalstaler Glacier 

Wine Route

Sunny hillside vineyards, enchanting castles and churches and of course the wine of the year.


Lose yourself in the prehistorical world of Ötzi the ice man, and be fascinated by his amazingly well preserved clothes and gear.

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The Vinschgau Railway

In 2005 the Merano - Mals railway was put into service again. 
The modern trains will take you quickly and comfortably to your required destination. Special offers such as "Train & Bike" make the new trains a real experience.

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Lake Garda

The sea of the Alps is only a short trip away. Visit the famous Sirmione peninsular, the Lake Garda leisure park, Caneva-World, the safari park, and much more besides.

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Lake Kaltern (Kalterer See)

In the southern part of South Tyrol, it isn’t just the warmest bathing lakes of the Alps that entice visitors, but also the romantic villages with a range of gastronomy full of spirit.

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Merano Thermal Baths

South Tyrol's new thermal paradise. A sensational oasis of nature in the heart of the town; one of its kind in Europe. Welcome to a new era of wellbeing...

Merano Thermal Baths

Thermal bath - Holiday in Vinschgau
Lake kaltern - Holiday in Vinschgau
Lake kaltern - Family holiday in Vinschgau
Lake kaltern - Vineyards
Holiday in Vinschgau
Holiday in Vinschgau
South Tyrol, Merano region - Holiday in Vinschgau
Dolomites - Holiday in Vinschgau