Relaxing baths

Baths in the Aqua Relax whirlpool tub

Baths in the Aqua Relax whirlpool tub
Millions of air bubbles stimulate your microcirculation and relax your muscles... You decide the bath addition you want to enjoy!

Honey-rose bath

This seductive sensual rose bath whisks you off into unimagined sensorial spaces....

20 mins € 28,00

Honey-thyme bath (bath for those who have a cold)

The warming, circulation-enhancing properties of thyme do not just invigorate during the cold seasons of the year.

20 mins € 28,00

Honey-mountain pine bath (invigorating bath)

Cheers you up and is significantly refreshing; after a mountain pine bath you feel fit and lively again!

20 mins € 28,00

Honey-juniper bath (detoxifying bath)

A juniper bath helps dissipate the accumulation of water in the connective tissues and relaxes weary muscles and joints.

20 mins € 28,00

Cleopatra bath

Bathe like the ancient Romans did in milk and oil. Nourishes and moisturises the skin.

20 mins € 28,00


Exotic beauty baths

Relaxing and intensively nourishing baths, based on our extra mild shower gel, in conjunction with coconut-vanilla, avocado-tiaré, coconut-lily or even your favourite mixture that you have created yourself using exotic oils and lotions. Enjoy a Caribbean aromatic experience, while your skin is provided with precious vitamins and minerals. This nourishing beauty bath provides your skin with a long-lasting, silky shimmer.

20 mins € 40,00
Outdoor pool in the wellness hotel Sonnen Resort in South Tyrol
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